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About Us

Who We Are

We love Coffee and developing websites

We are a Nairobi based web development agency that specializes in CMS Websites and complex web applications. We are great at what we do because we love what we do. We treat each website as an important job and that’s why we involve our partners who are our clients, in every step of the development process.

And no worries, we are registered as a business, we have government paperwork, and unfortunately, we also pay our taxes. Point is, you can trust us with your website project.

Let's work together

Tell the wannabe web dudes to go eat pudding. You will be working with us


We know what we are doing, am sure you can tell. We have been developing websites for a long time so your project will not be just another…


We are always there for our partners. Your calls will never go unanswered because we need you. We understand that our next partner will be brought in but…


We love money and we hope you do too. We ensure that our website has real value and just not a waste of cash. We believe that a…

Our Skills

No fuss, this is our skill levels, and we honest about it


Let's take care of your website while you take care of your business

We live and breath web technologies, how about you let us prove our selves to you


This is what we can do for you

Web Development

We design and develop websites. It is actually our specialty. From Content management systems(CMS) to specialized websites like web stores. Your website will be built using WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal.…

Web Applications Development

Don’t let the jargon scare you. A web application is just a highly specialized website, sort of like software that runs online. SO in short we turn coffee into online…

Graphics Design

We would say branding but that’s too narrow and traditional. Let’s just say we do the simple business cards design and cool funeral programs, but also we make those cool…

Website Management

We provide website management services in all types of websites and web applications. We handle daily activities including reporting, optimizing, updating, and user interactions. Your website shouldn’t be boring with…


Ours are more than just services, they are a purpose of existance. We are here to serve the lords of technology and you, by just viewing this site you are one of them. Grab your coffee mug and lets get working

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    We are always available, no time of day will we be ever offline. We put those crazy amounts of coffee to good use. Be asured that when you fill out this form we will get back to you as soon as humanly possible. We kinda love coffee and we workaholics , by contacting us you make the cup taste much better and the work be more fun.

    Technybit Informatics

    Njau Hse, Kahawa Wendani

    Thika Rd

    Nairobi, Kenya


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